Learn the basics of studying religion in just six days

Day 1

What does religion mean? What should we study?

Day 2

Why is religion important? What are the benefits of understanding it?

Day 3

How can we look at religion as insiders and outsiders?

Day 4

Understanding our role as observers, participants, and creators of religion.

Day 5

How do religious studies and theology relate to each other?

Day 6

What are the essential skills and tools you need to understand religion?

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Religion is everywhere in the news and popular culture, but accurate and authoritative reporting are often far from the front pages.

Take this first step on a journey of academic investigation that will give you the skills you need to understand religion on its own terms, as an academic subject.

This free course will help empower you to ask real questions about how religion is presented and understood in the wider world, and challenge you to look closely at your own assumptions.

If you want to know why religion is such a misunderstood topic, and why it inspire such extremes of emotion, this is the place to start.

Who are we?

Founded in 2016, the Online Centre for Religious Studies is dedicated to promoting and facilitating the academic study of religion for a wide and diverse audience - that means you!